Deliver your Projects and Programmes with Aspyre

Powerful, cloud-based, portfolio, programme, project and PMO management software

Key Benefits of Aspyre

Saves Time

Dashboards and reports produced at the click of a button

Saves Money

Financial savings tracked and managed to ensure they are delivered on time

Increased Visibility

Real-time interactive dashboards show what is going well and what requires intervention

Improved Control

All data is stored in a single repository providing instant access to the information you need

Increased Efficiency

Ensures a consistent method of working across your programmes and projects

Increased Collaboration

Allows seamless working both internally and with partner organisations

Resizes to fit any device

Use Aspyre on the go

Aspyre is fully compatible and responsive to any screen size.

Manage your projects from anywhere on any internet-connected device!

Key Features of Aspyre

My Dashboard

Portfolio Dashboard

Project Summary

Risks Tab

Plan Gantt View

Client Reviews


Aspyre Core

£10per user / month

  • Portfolio, Programme & Project Reporting
  • Real-time Portfolio, Programme & Project Dashboards
  • PMO View & Reporting
  • Programme & Project Summary Details
  • Project Initiation Document (PID) and 'PID on a Page'
  • Risk & Issues Management
  • Milestone Management
  • Meetings & Agendas including Automatic Generation of Meeting Minutes and & Assignment of Actions
  • Email Notifications
  • Document Repository
  • Daily Task List
  • Chat
  • Audit Trail
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Aspyre Standard

£17per user / month

  • All Aspyre Core features Plus:
  • Planning (including Gantt Chart)
  • Products / Deliverables
  • Decisions
  • Ideas Management
  • Lessons Learned
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Aspyre Professional

£27per user / month

  • All Aspyre Standard features Plus:
  • Benefits Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Team Roles & Responsibilities
  • Resource Planning & Tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Financial Management (Savings and Costs)
  • Change Control
  • Decision Management
  • Project Prioritisation & Scheme Assessment
  • Quality Impact Assessments
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Aspyre Premier

£35per user / month

  • All Aspyre Professional features Plus
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Business Planning including Strategic Objectives
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Efficiency Targets and Performance Against Targets
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